Usage of the Gallery


The Gallery is arranged as the usual taxon tree, family, genus, species, specimen. Every level shows an overview of thumbnails, which lead you down to the next level, until you arrive at a single photo of 1200x800 pixels. To the upper left there is a navigation bar with links leading back to higher taxa.

Currently single photos don't have a title, but you can guess from the name of the file what is shown. You see it in the navigation bar of your browser, when it's open. The names are abbreviations like "rlegsa" for "right legs in anterior view, "hypv" for "hypandrium in ventral view or "rgsti" for "right gonostylus in inside view".

The specimen overview has an additional box with the basic informations: my internal id, when, where, and how. Negative ids refer to specimens I caught in my first year, and no further information is available. Ids with a prefixed "ZFMK-TIS-" are a link to the CO1-Sequence I received from GBOL, the German Barcoding of Live Project. Copy and Paste this Sequence to boldsystems, the global Barcode Of  Live Database, and click "Submit" to get an overview which specimens with a similar sequence are already known to BOLD and how they where indentified.

Below this box you find links to further specimens, showing usually additional characters. In many cases I found of course many more specimens of this species. Lists will appear on this site in the future.

The scalebars you'll find in the newer photos are either 1cm, 1mm, or 100┬Ám.