3. Example: Trichocera saltator

The left photo below shows the typical ventral view of the Trichocera hypopygium. The ventral bridge is not closed and we get a rough idea how the aedeagal complex inside looks like. In the caudal view on the right we get a more 3-dimensional understanding how the parts are connected. The ninth tergite (unsharp) is connected by a large membrane to the dorsal arms of the aedeagal complex, which are connected to the dorsal sides of the gonocoxites.

We first insert a blunt pin into the open anterior side, press down the ninth tergite to the bottom, pierce the acute scalpel into the membrane from behind, and separate it from the rest. Now we insert the acute scalpel from behind between the dorsal side arm of the aedagal complex and the gonocoxite and break the sclerotized junction. Having done that on both sides, we can pull out the aedeagal complex and show it in dorsal, side, and ventral view.